Urban Pest Control

Abate® 500E

Control the spread of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases with Abate® 500E, a highly effective adulticide and larvicide. 

Abate larvicide is the ideal weapon for public health officials who specify a larvicide as part of their overall mosquito eradication program. Used according to label directions, Abate has the capability to reduce the mosquito population dramatically – killing the larvae before they develop into disease-carrying, adult mosquitoes.

How does ABATE® work?

Temephos inhibits an enzyme vital to the normal function of the nervous system. By treating stagnant water with ABATE®, the mosquito larvae are killed before they become adults capable of reproduction. This prevents new generations of disease-carrying insects from developing, minimizing the spread of the disease. ABATE® works fast and has a long residual action. ABATE® works quickly to control mosquito and other insect populations, as it kills the larvae of insects before they become adults. The excellent residual performance of ABATE® prevents the return of insects for weeks.

Benefits of Abate® 500E

Low toxicity when used according to label instructions

Highly effective at low dose rate

Excellent residual performance (Larvicidal)

Larvicidal application at range with mist blower