Urban Pest Control

Mosquito Control Solutions

Successful mosquito control is best achieved by recognition and treatment of breeding sites. A regular program of inspections should be organized so that insect activity is stopped at its very source.

Stop disease-causing insects before they hatch.

More than 125 mosquito species have already been documented with resistance to one or more insecticides. Since it is possible to detect the development of resistance in mosquitoes, control programs must remain vigilant in testing for this problem.

Integrated Pest Management Strategies combine the most economical, efficacious and environmentally sound pest control methods into a single, planned approach.


For Public Health

Abate larvicide is the ideal weapon for public health officials who specify a larvicide as part of their overall mosquito eradication program. Used according to label directions, Abate has the capability to reduce the mosquito population dramatically – killing the larvae before they develop into disease-carrying, adult mosquitoes.