Urban Pest Control

Seclira SG

The latest innovation in undetectable broad-spectrum insecticides.

Seclira SG is the industry’s first non-staining, odorless, broad-spectrum and non-repellent general insect control product. Its novel active ingredient combines fast knockdown characteristics with BASF’s Genuine Transfer Effect technology, resulting in unmatched performance and reduced call-backs with increased customer satisfaction.


Key Features

Broad spectrum control
Seclira SG controls a broad spectrum of pest including house bed bugs, cockroaches and stored product pest. 

Novel mode of action for resistant pests
Seclira SG has a different mode of action from other common solutions – and is effective at combating resistant pests that do not respond to other treatments.

Non-staining and odorless
Seclira SG’s unique colourless, non-staining and odorless formulation is suitable for use in many areas where appearance is important. The uniquely formulated soluable granules dissolve entirely in water, meaning that the solution will not leave marks on surfaces, where pure water would do the same. Trials show that the Seclira solution is still totally clear and 100% in suspension, ready for “invisible” application, up to 12 hours after mixing.

Seclira SG does not repel or flush out insects, avoiding unfortunate pest sightings by customers and auditors. The non-repellent formulation does not scatter insects or spread infestations.

Undetectable to insects with Genuine Transfer Effect
The undetectability of Seclira SG is also key to its highly effective control. Ants, cockroaches and other social insects that come into contact will remain unaffected and unaware long enough to pass a lethal dose of Seclira SG on to other insects in the colony and start a chain reaction, called the Genuine Transfer Effect.

Potential Applications

Food Processing and Pharmaceutical facilities

  • HACCP Certified
  • Ideal for perimeter treatments around food and pharmaceutical production areas.
  • Allows for precision application / spot treatment using less chemical

Food and Beverage Establishments

  • Can be applied to operational kitchen
  • New mode of action combats resistant cockroaches

Residential / Hotels Rooms  

  • No smell or stain of treated areas and beds 
  • Quick re-occupation of facilities after the spray has dried up 
  • New mode of action combats resistant bed bugs